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Your goals are unique; your workout should be too. And that's exactly what you get at Custom Strength. Come train with us and let us help you workout to your ability, and with your goals and health in mind.

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Get Started with a Free Fitness Strategy Session

Your fitness strategy session is your chance to share your goals, health history, and any injuries you may have that could affect how you should train. We'll also use this time to take you through the Functional Movement Screen so that we can see how you move (please don't be nervous about this. It's not a strength contest, it's a way for us to find out whether and where you have differences left to right and whether or how much we should focus on flexibility in addition to strength and fitness).

This fitness strategy session allows us to put together a fitness plan for you based on your strengths and weaknesses (we all have both!), your current fitness level, your goals, your schedule, and your budget.

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Our Training Approach

While we personalize semi-private training sessions for each client to their goals and their body, there is a training philosophy at the foundation of all our training. Your session will start with a warm-up that includes some combination of foam rolling, stretching, muscle activation, and dynamic movement.

Then, depending on the needs and goals of the individual, you will do some combination of the following:

  • Power & agility featuring plyo boxes, Olympic lifts, medicine balls, hurdles, and agility ladders;
  • Movement-based strength circuits featuring free weights, TRX, kettlebells, bands, and cable columns;
  • Conditioning or energy system development will be done with our airdyne bike, slideboard, battling ropes, climbing rope, ladder, medicine balls, and kettlebells, either as high intensity interval training (HIIT), metabolic resistance training circuits, or steady-state aerobic training.

Because you will adapt to the exercise you do (translation: you'll get stronger, fitter, faster...), we re-evaluate and adjust all programs every three to six weeks to ensure you get the most out of your hard work.


Sports Performance

If your goals include improving performance in your sport of choice, then we will build your program to reflect that. All training programs at Custom Strength are customized to the unique needs of your body; athlete programs are customized to your body AND your sport. This involves:

  • periodizing your training around your competitive season,
  • additional power and agility training,
  • ensuring your strength training addresses what your body needs to do on the field, the court, the road, the snow, or the ice.
  • customizing your energy system development to the needs of your sport, and
  • adjusting the flexibility and warm-up exercises to address any individual needs you have as well as common imbalances that can result from your sport.

Training Frequency for sports performance

We'll make specific recommendations during your assessment that will be based on how well you move and how fit you are, but also on where you are in your sport season. But here is a guide.

  • Two to four training sessions per week.
  • This phase will feature a lot of work on movement quality, strength, and building work capacity.
  • Two to four training sessions per week.
  • You'll do relatively more power and conditioning as the season approaches.
  • One or two training sessions per week so that we can focus more on keeping your volume low while maintaining intensity.
  • In-season focus will be on movement quality with less volume of strength and power so that your workouts support but don't interfere with performance.

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Getting Strong and Fit

It turns out that the principles we apply for sports performance and training post-injury are also very relevant for people who want to get strong and fit. Let's face it: athlete or not, most of us have two arms, two legs, and a core. Bring your limbs and your core to Custom Strength and we promise we'll train them up to your liking.

What we recommend if getting strong and fit is your goal

We'll make specific recommendations during your assessment that will be based on how well you move and how fit you and any more specific goals you have. Typically we recommend one to three training sessions per week.

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Training after (or around) an Injury

One of our specialities at Custom Strength is training clients who have unique needs as a result of injury. We have experience training clients with a variety of injuries and dysfunction, and at virtually all phases of injury (including pre and post surgery). In fact 33% of our clients are referrals from health care practitioners, including doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, athletic therapists, and osteopaths. In other words, the people you trust to treat your injury, trust us to train you.

There are four primary reasons that we have success with clients who have injuries and physical limitations:

  • We understand that "No pain, no gain" is a misunderstood concept. People often interpret it as meaning you should push through anything for the sake of results. Wrong! Joint pain, for instance, is not okay in the gym.
  • We understand how the body is supposed to move and how the body often compensates in the presence of pain, injury, or dysfunction. This means that when you tell us about an injury you have, we understand which exercises you should do more, which you should avoid (for now), and which ones may need some form corrections.
  • When necessary, we are open-minded and creative with our exercise selection, meaning that we can help you come up with the right exercises to help you get strong and stay fit even if you are unable to use parts of your body due to injury.
  • We have a strict "do no harm" policy.

This experience is invaluable for creating training programs for clients to help reduce the risk of injury.

Here's how some of our clients describe this:

What we recommend if training around an injury is your goal

There is too much variability from individual to individual, and from injury to injury to provide general guidance. Realistically, we will recommend two semi-private training sessions at least for the first while, as we will want to have more opportunity to make adjustments and coach movements that may need extra attention.

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Training for Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, if your goal is weight loss, strength training is more effective than cardio. For three primary reasons:

  1. Strength training builds lean muscle, and lean muscle burns calories. So the stronger you are, the more calories you burn and thus the easier it is to lose fat.
  2. Muscle takes less space than fat, so if you build muscle while you lose fat, you can shrink your waistline without even losing weight.
  3. Strength training or intense interval training cause a neat effect where you continue to burn more weight after you finish your workout, where cardio burns calories while you workout but then stops. For the geeks out there, this effect is called Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC.

Our approach to training for fat loss follows similar principles to all of our other training: Progress according to each persons ability and needs. Your assessment and each training session will help us determine both. On top of that, we also recommend that clients interested in fat loss follow a nutrition program. While exercise can help with fat loss, the reality is that nutrition will have a much bigger impact on fat loss than exercise will. "Abs are made in the kitchen" is a popular expression among trainers. For that reason, we encourage our fat loss clients to follow our Get Lean program in addition to training with us.

What we recommend if weight loss is your goal

We'll make specific recommendations during your assessment that will be based on how well you move, how fit you are, and any specific goals you have. But odds are we will recommend two to three workouts per week as well as participation in our online Get Lean program.

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