Training after (or around) an Injury

One of our specialities at Custom Strength is training clients who have unique needs as a result of injury. We have experience training clients with a variety of injuries and dysfunction, and at virtually all phases of injury (including pre and post surgery). In fact 33% of our clients are referrals from health care practitioners, including doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, athletic therapists, and osteopaths. In other words, the people you trust to treat your injury, trust us to train you.

There are four primary reasons that we have success with clients who have injuries and physical limitations:

  • We understand that "No pain, no gain" is a misunderstood concept. People often interpret it as meaning you should push through anything for the sake of results. Wrong! Joint pain, for instance, is not okay in the gym.
  • We understand how the body is supposed to move and how the body often compensates in the presence of pain, injury, or dysfunction. This means that when you tell us about an injury you have, we understand which exercises you should do more, which you should avoid (for now), and which ones may need some form corrections.
  • When necessary, we are open-minded and creative with our exercise selection, meaning that we can help you come up with the right exercises to help you get strong and stay fit even if you are unable to use parts of your body due to injury.
  • We have a strict "do no harm" policy.

This experience is invaluable for creating training programs for clients to help reduce the risk of injury.

Here's how some of our clients describe this:

What we recommend if training around an injury is your goal

There is too much variability from individual to individual, and from injury to injury to provide general guidance. Realistically, we will recommend two semi-private training sessions at least for the first while, as we will want to have more opportunity to make adjustments and coach movements that may need extra attention.

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