Sports Performance

If your goals include improving performance in your sport of choice, then we will build your program to reflect that. All training programs at Custom Strength are customized to the unique needs of your body; athlete programs are customized to your body AND your sport. This involves:

  • periodizing your training around your competitive season,
  • additional power and agility training,
  • ensuring your strength training addresses what your body needs to do on the field, the court, the road, the snow, or the ice.
  • customizing your energy system development to the needs of your sport, and
  • adjusting the flexibility and warm-up exercises to address any individual needs you have as well as common imbalances that can result from your sport.

Training Frequency for sports performance

We'll make specific recommendations during your assessment that will be based on how well you move and how fit you are, but also on where you are in your sport season. But here is a guide.

  • Two to four training sessions per week.
  • This phase will feature a lot of work on movement quality, strength, and building work capacity.
  • Two to four training sessions per week.
  • You'll do relatively more power and conditioning as the season approaches.
  • One or two training sessions per week so that we can focus more on keeping your volume low while maintaining intensity.
  • In-season focus will be on movement quality with less volume of strength and power so that your workouts support but don't interfere with performance.

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Team Performance Training

Looking to get your team in top shape this season? Maybe you didn't quite hit your goal last season? Or you had a rash of injuries? Does the way we describe sports training above seem like a great idea for your team? Contact us and we'll talk about options for team training at our facility, at yours.

In addition to strength and conditioning training, we can also develop a team warm-up specific to your sport and your team for use before games and practices. Contact us for more.